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How to connect blogger to cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS

As you know, it is very easy to connect Cloudflare CDN with hosting, and most WordPress users use Cloudflare, and if you use Blogger Blogspot, it does not support any catch plugin, so CDN cannot be used.

Blogger to CDN Cloudflare

But Today’s blog In the article post we will tell you how to connect to Blogger with Cloudflare and get a free CDN facility.

If you don’t know what is CDN?

So let us tell you today in a very simple way how you can better enjoy the CDN facility by connecting the Blogger site to Cloudflare.

Blogger Site connect Cloudflare with free CDN.

Step by step process, how to set up Cloudflare CDN with Blogger for blogging beginner guides.

How to setup free cloudflare CDN for blogger blog (step by step process)

1. Cloudflare setup:-

Cloudflare account creates:-

As a first Create a Cloudflare account, search on Google Cloudflare.com and click the signup button.


And Cloudflare sends an e-mail to your registrar email inbox, click to verify your Cloudflare account.

How to Add a website on Cloudflare:-

a) Now You can press Add Site button after you’ve logged in Cloudflare dashboard.

b) Now enter your domain name. And Choose your Cloudflare plan (my recommendation free plan) After the click on “Begin Scan” Cloudflare will scan all your DNS entries and shows you their result shortly after. 

Cloudflare Name Server

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