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Create a free custom robots.txt file for your Blogger website✔️ Optimize your blog for search engines in 2024, Robots.Txt Generator For Blogger.

Enter your Website URL and Generate the Custom Robots.txt file code for your Blogger website.

Robots.txt Generator

Custom Robots.txt Generator



How to use Robots.Txt Generator For Blogger?

    1. Enter the URL of your Blogger website.
    2. Select the desired options, such as “Allow All” or “Pages” “Search Pages” “Labels” and “Bots”.
    3. Click the “Generate Robots.txt” button.
    4. Now suspensefully generate your custom Robot.txt code.
    5. Copy the generated robots.txt.

    Robots.Txt Generator For Blogger

    How to Verify Robots.txt?

    1. After generating the custom robots.txt code.
    2. copy the generated custom robots.txt code.
    3. Log in to your Blogger dashboard.
    4. click on “Settings.”
    5. Navigate to the “Crawlers and indexing” section here.
    6. Enable the “Custom robots.txt”.
    7. Click “Custom robots.txt, Paste the copied robots.txt, and then click “Save.”

    Custom robots.txt generator how to paste code

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