Volume master pro apk download free, [unlocked]


Volume Master pro apk download

Are you finding audio editing best android application. Well Volume Master mod apk are #No1_trending audio editing software.

Mostly of mobile’s are use this application on there android phone. So friends in this article I will tell you how to download audio editing volume Master pro apk.

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Android application Volume Master Pro-App Control developed by Space Ship Inc. is listed under category Tools. The current version is 1.2.4 released on 2016-10-19. According to Google Play Volume Master Pro-App Control achieved more than 50 installs. Volume Master Pro-App Control currently has 7 ratings with average rating value of 4.6Volume Master is an amazing App that can control the volume on a smartphone. It can intelligently adjust the volume based on open applications or scanned WiFi!

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Where it can be used:

►Adjust the volume according to application
When you want to play games in your office without disturbing anyone, you can set the volume for the game in Volume Master, allowing you to putting the game on mute when you turn the game on and going back to its regular volume once you shut the down.

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►Adjust the volume according to WiFi
When you want a lower volume while at the office or the library, when you leave the office and you want to return the sound to normal. Volume Master will scan the surrounding WiFi and find out the WiFi for the office, automatically switching to the preset volume!

Volume Master pro Functions:

• Can be used to configure sound for all apps (including system apps)
• When opening or closing the app, the volume is automatically adjusted
• Automatically adjusts sound based on WiFi
• Has various notification methods.

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Configurable volume:

Media volume, ring volume, alarm volume, notification volume, dial tone, lock screen sound, charging sound, touchscreen sounds.

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