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Adsense approval for blogger 2022 #New tricks

Hi, Friends, today in this article I will tell how to get AdSense approval for blogger 2022, If you want to know How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 2022, then read below full article. Trust me, by following the below steps you can get approved within 30 days.

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How I got Google AdSense Approval fast

  • Select user-friendly blog template, (try to choose AMP support template’s).
  • Create unique design & Article.
  • Create basic pages (privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, about us, contact us etc.).
  • Also link social network like (Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Write articles of 350+ words.
  • Publish more than 30+ content and then apply.
    Don’t publish any illegal content (like movie downloading, sexual, hate etc.).
    Don’t write copy content. (like lyrics’ website)
  • Please don’t make any changes after applying for AdSense.
  • Continue writing articles after applying for Google AdSense.

Adsense approval for blogger 2022 #New tricks

#NOTE How will all the above points flow? All the steps will be found in the following article.

#1 Select user-friendly blog template


#2 Create unique design

#3 Create basic pages

After the Site design and setting, then you need to create some basic pages.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Sitemap
  5. About Us
  6. Contact Us

These pages will help your site be more trustable and professional. Also use these pages on site top menu and footer menu.

#5 Write 350+ articles

Write 30+(more 40+) quality contents of 350 or more words. Also, try to improve your grammar and user-friendly article, (using active voice, Flesh Reading blog, use Subheading, Consecutive sentences, etc.)

#6 Publish more than 30+ Post

Write 30+ unique contents of 300 or more words. Also, try to improve your grammar, add some subhead lines (Then you can add Grammarly extensions on your browser).

My recommendation applied for Google AdSense Approval after writing 50+ quality content with 500+ words.

#7 Don’t publish any illegal content

#8 Important 

If you are new to Blogging then you might not know that if you write a copy of content then your site will not be monetized by Google AdSense. Copy content does not mean the same topic content. If you search Google AdSense Approval, then you can see a lot of content are available with the same title. But their content, writing style, images are different from others, so it is not copied content.

Copy content means if I write an article exactly the same as another site article, then this is the copy content. For example, ‘Song Lyrics Site’ is an example of a copy site.

If your site has 30+ genuine content which is written by you, then your site google AdSense approval chance is 80-90%.

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