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Diwali 2022 Wishing Script Download Free

Are you looking for Diwali 2022 Wishing Script for blogger or PHP Site? If so, you’re coming to the Right page. In today’s Article, we are going to know about Happy Diwali 2022 Wishing Script Download for Blogger. Also, we are going to know that we at Blogger How to make Wishing Website?

So, for the complete information, you should just read the article completely so that you can know it well, and you too can earn money by creating wishing website…

Features of Script

  • Fully AdSense Friendly.
  • Responsive (Desktop and Mobile) Friendly.
  • Super Fast loading speed (lightweight).
  • Changeable image, text, and music.
  • High Ads Revenue Generated.
  • Pro Viral Script.
  • Sharable in WhatsApp & Facebook.

    Diwali 2022 Wishing Script Download Free
    Diwali photo

Diwali 2022 Script Code Details

  • Favicon: favicon.png
  • Background Color: #FF0000
  • Background Stars: flowers.gif
  • Side Image 1: trishula-durga.png
  • Side Image 2: lion.png
  • Glitters Code: Red-glitter.gif
  • Image 1: Happy-Navratri.png
  • Audio Player:
  • Image 2: Rakhi-PNG-Image-Transparent.png
  • Image 2: lion.png
  • Message: May the 9 avatars
  • Slideshow Code: slideshow-container
  • Slideshow Timer: set Time out
  • Timer: count Down Date


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