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How to add faq schema in WordPress classic editor

If You want to add FAQ schema to your WordPress website. but don’t know how to add faq schema in WordPress classic editor?

today’s blog post I will help you. How to Add FAQ schema in WordPress classic editor.

So, read this complete blog post and you also easily add FAQ schema to your website.

What is FAQ,s

FAQ schema (Frequently asked question) FAQ schema is a list of questions and their respective answers around a particular topic.

When we use an FAQ schema markup in the blog post, it’s become easy for the search engine to show rich results.

How to Add FAQ Schema in WordPress?

Step-by-step process to add FAQ Schema in WordPress:

First Step

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new.
  • Install & activate this (Structured Content (JSON-LD) #wpsc) plugin.
How to add faq schema in WordPress classic editor

Second Step

  • It will enable a button in your WordPress Classic Editor and a new FAQ block in Block Editor.
  • Now go to a post/page to which you want to add FAQ schema.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the post/page content.

Last Step

  • Add a heading (h2 or h3) named FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Keep the cursor below the FAQ heading created.
  • Click the button (in Classic Editor) enabled by the plugin.
  • Add 3 or 4 Questions and their answers
  • Then click OK.
  • Finally, hit Update/Publish to save changes.
  • WordPress Classic Editor:

FAQ Button enabled by Structured Content Plugin in Classic Editor

Watch complete video tutorial here


I hope this post helps you. So make sure to Share this post with your Friends and Groups. Still, if you have any questions then Ask me in the Comment section or check the FAQ Section.


What is FAQ schema?

FAQ schema is specialized markup you can add to a webpage’s code that contains a list of questions and answers. Google then reads this markup and uses it to generate a rich snippet.

What is the full form of FAQ

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why is FAQ good?

FAQs save time, increase satisfaction, improve website usability, and provide quick and easy answers to common questions.

How long should an FAQ be?

Keep answers concise and comprehensive. There’s no set length, but aim to cover common questions without overwhelming readers.

FAQ schema used for in SEO?

Yes, The FAQ schema is used in SEO to enhance website search results by displaying structured data with questions and answers.



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