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How to add music in kinemaster

If you want to learn How to add music in kineMaster, then you’re in the right place. today in this article I will share with you how to add music to KineMaster.

You know KineMaster is a great video editing app for Android & ISO devices. actually, at this time, many content creators use Kinemaster, to edit their videos, across many platforms like (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.).

How to add music in kinemaster?

Before adding audio to Kinemaster. you must first know what types of audio formats are supported by the Kinemaster app. audio formats supported by Kinemaster are WAV, AAC, M4A and of course MP3.

So these are the three simple steps to follow to add or import music to KineMaster.

  • Open Kinemaster and load the video file you have in mind.
  • Tap on the Audio button, located in the media panel to the right.
How to add music in kinemaster

Then select whichever music you would like to Import. Tap on the music file then tap on the plus (+) icon to add the music. Once done. Tap on the top right check mark (✓) to save your changes.

how to add music to KineMaster

You can now add multiple adjustments or changes to your audio file. audio filters, also adjust the compression of the audio to meet your requirements. assign the audio track to be the background music or also loop the audio file if it’s shorter then the original video.

Tap the audio track to edit audio


Hope you have get Enough information about How to add music in kinemaster. There is no Single Article on this topic in the Internet. So make sure to Share this post with your Friends and Groups. Still if you have any Question then Ask me in the Comment section or check the FAQ Section.


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