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Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation fix 2020

Hello Friends I wili talk about “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation” of 2020,

And This Blog Post Specially Make For How To Fix “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation”

it fix you need to know first what is the Scraped Content?

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What is scraped content?


Scraped Content means of Copied someone’s blog and Re-wrote it again.

Which you steal from other websites in a piecemeal way Post your website and run it yourself. These are as scraped content

Google help support Page!

How to fix scraped content!

  1. Scan your website on duplicate checker and plagiarism checker.
  2. Remove all Coppy contents.
  3. Rewrite all duplicate contents.
  4. Add important page( About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimer) on your site.
  5. Do not use copyright image,video,and other data.
  6. Use AMP & user friendly theme.
  7. Index all post and page on Google search console.
  8. Minimum 30+unpick article post.
  9. And Minimum write 280-300 article post.
  10. Write some more posts and Re-Apply for Adsense.
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